Ardbeg Dark Cove 2016

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Categories Premium
ABV 55.0

Appearance: Bronze, thin legs coming slowly off a necklace.

Nose: Not unlike the Uigeadale at first sniff, with a little less sherry than the older Uigeadale versions, it’s a very dry and has an almost chalky nose, mitigated by some tones of dried fruit, though not enough for the sherry in which it was matured. Distant barbecue, a hint of balsamic vinegar and some salt.

Palate: A tad hotter and more peppery than the Uigeadale, it’s extremely dry and not as sweet, with a background hint of sourness . This is not a very enticing dram.

Linger: Long, dry with very little sherry sweetness and some metallic after notes that remain with the peat.


Decent Ardbeg, but far from being stellar. If you were expecting a special dark whisky or one that justifies paying more than you would pay for Uigeadale, this is hardly it. I honestly expected much more.

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