Booze Suppliers Malaysia

Booze Suppliers Malaysia

Buying alcohol online is a brilliant idea is ideal for people who want to have fun indoors without stepping out of the door to buy your favorite drinks. Also, you might be busy in your office and want to avoid the hassle of going to the store for drinks. Having a party coming up? Shopping online is an excellent way to get access to a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

As a customer, you want an online booze delivery service with a vast inventory to choose from. In case an item is out of stock, the booze supplier should provide recommendations. In our quest to conquer your thirst, SoTipsy supplies both local and imported alcohol brands.

 The sheer amount of booze delivery at SoTipsy is simply incredible. We have made it fun and easy to enjoy the best quality alcohol at discounted prices. Also, the delivery is prompt and accurate. Why go to the store to buy alcohol while you can order online?

Alcohol delivery platforms such as SoTipsy enable customers to pay digitally for their drinks in a safe and secure manner. Availability of multiple payment options has helped accommodate different types of customers. Also, a secure payment gateway promotes customer trust and ensures a smooth and safe transaction.

Looking for an alcohol gift for a special person? Browse through our selection, and you are sure to find a bottle that suits their tastes. When it comes to corporate gifting, our Corporate Concierge Team are ready to help you out.

How to order from SoTipsy

It’s pretty straightforward to order from So Tipsy. Our well-designed website has made it easy to browse through thousands of beer, wine, and spirits without leaving your couch or desk. Subsequently, it’s incredibly simple to choose a particular product, make the payment, and confirm the order.

 As a leading booze supplier in Malaysia, we promote comparison shopping to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are within our on-demand coverage area, our couriers will make the delivery in as little as 30 minutes.

Your booze supplier of choice

So Tipsy is a premier online marketplace in Malaysia with a full selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Partner with us for the best online buying experience for alcoholic beverages. We provide prompt alcohol delivery across Klang Valley. Also, we are soon expanding to more cities, besides neighboring South East Asian countries such as Singapore and the Philippines.

Looking for a reliable booze supplier in Malaysia?  Wait no more, shop now and booze up with us today for the best deals!  

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