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The World’s No. 1 Stout

  • An iconic brand that sells over 10 million pints daily
  • The world’s most distinctive beer, born out of determination, courage, ingenuity and passion
  • Beloved and admired the world over for its unparalleled taste and heritage
  • HEINEKEN Malaysia is a 5-time winner of the Guinness League of Excellence Award


Guinness 640ml Quart

Ingredient: Malt (Barley), Malt, Maltose, Hops

Alcohol By Volume (%): 5.5

Allergen: Barley

Energy (kcal): 300.8

Carbohydrate (g): 23

Total Sugar (g): 0

Protein (g): 2.6

Fats (g): 0

Category Stout
Region Ireland
ABV 5.5%

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